So you have a nice home with a garden!


And you are keen to give it the very look that you have in mind with the right landscaping to complement it to your home and surroundings. But how do you get about designing it with the right greenery it deserves?

That’s where the art of planting comes in. Something you should only leave to the experts at Iconic Design & Landscaping. With our many years of experience in setting up and maintaining gardens in Sydney, we would love to add you and your garden also to our long list of happy clients and work.

As specialists in horticulture, we understand gardens and what plants best suit one. With your valuable inputs on what you want, our team can help with the whole planting process from sizing it up to conception to implementation and, finally, maintenance.

Expert planting is about getting the right mix of plants and shrubs and trees and letting each contribute individually and as part of a garden. The fencing, the lawn, and the other features that complete it are also given its due.

We approach a new garden with a fresh mind. Based on your requirement, we share our ideas to set it all up from scratch. We take great care to have the green patch blend in fully with the house itself even as it takes a character of its own.

But if it is an existing garden you have, we take stock of the current plants you have and decide if new life should be infused to them or redesign and replant. Choosing the right soil, weeding and mulching, redesigning and replanting, getting the irrigation and fertilisers right…in short, we give your garden all the care it needs.

Want to know more about our design and landscaping services? Please call us on 02 9725 1990 or send us an email. We would be happy to be at your service.

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